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USB drive with stylus pen

Need a USB stick, a pen that you can actually use to write and a stylus for your iPhone? With this pen shaped usb you get them all. The stylus on this 3-in-one usb pen is compatible with all touchscreens of

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A Video Clip about Maxway™ Power Bank 4000mAh

A Video Clip about Maxway™ Power Bank 4000mAh, click to watch it on YouTube  Have a great weekend! Share the post “A Video Clip about Maxway™ Power Bank 4000mAh”FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestViadeoLinkedInDiggStumbleUponE-mail

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Maxway™ Power Banks Available on Amazon

Good news!  Maxway™ Power Banks are now also available to buy online from!  Click on the product images below to go to Amazon Marketplace for placing your order. Your stratification is guaranteed!   Share the post “Maxway™ Power Banks Available on Amazon”FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestViadeoLinkedInDiggStumbleUponE-mail

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Efficient 4000mAh Powerbank with Compact Design for iPhone/Android smart phones

Looking for a perfect match for your iPhone? Then you might to want to check out this latest model of power bank PB-20W-MW that we specially designed for iPhone and other Android smart phones.   Using top quality lithium-ion battery, this power bank has real

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12000mAh capacity portable power bank (color options : Black, White)

Have you experienced this awkward moment?  You were traveling, and when you wanted to make an important phone call or were expecting an email urgently, your smart phone was out of battery… I think probably your answer is yes! After

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