Efficient 4000mAh Powerbank with Compact Design for iPhone/Android smart phones

Looking for a perfect match for your iPhone? Then you might to want to check out this latest model of power bank PB-20W-MW that we specially designed for iPhone and other Android smart phones.



Using top quality lithium-ion battery, this power bank has real 4000mAh capacity that can charge your iPhone up to 2.5 times; and this powerful and practical external battery pack is extremely lightweight (4.50 ounces) and slim (0.33 inches thick), so it offers excellent portability and you can carry it everywhere very conveniently which makes it a perfect backup power to use in the daily life or in emergency situations.

Product details 

Capacity:4000mAH / 3.7 V

Input Micro USB:DC 5V / 1A

Output USB:  DC 5V / 1A  

Charging time:5 – 6 Hrs / DC 1A

Dimensions: 4.59 in x 2.58 in x 0.33 in

Weight: 4.50 ounces



LED indicates the charge-discharge statusPB2WMW1


Material of the Casing - front side : ABS with UV coatingPB2WMW5


Material of the Casing - back side : Laser Engraved Stainless Steel with Lacquer covered



Like PB-10B-MW, this model also comes in Black color





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