New! Pen Shaped USB Stick/USB Pen Drive

We all use a pen in the office or school every day,and probably also need to use usb drives frequently, so wouldn’t it be great to have a product combining these 2 tools? Well, that is why we now have usb drives in pen shapes. In fact, USB pens have been available on the market for quite a long time but still they are very popular today due to its multifunctional design, stylish appearance, convenient to use. Like the below model we are introducing to you today:


it looks and works just like a normal ballpoint pen, only difference is that there’s a USB memory built in, so when you need to use it to store the files, simply screw the ballpoint pen to remove the cap and plug the usb into the usb port of your computer. This pen usb drive is personalizable, you can either laser engrave your logo on the clip or pad print it on the plastic body, both would look great.

Or maybe you want to see what other Pen USB models we are offering? Check out our website, we have many more that you could be interested in.

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