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There are hundreds of different usb drive models around, so choosing a model that most fit for your promotional event is very important, with today’s post I would like to recommend some models for your consideration if you are planning your next advertising campaign and haven’t found a suitable product, please read on:

1) Twist/Swivel USB flash drive


This is the most popular model ever, and I guess it’s also the best seller for most usb drive distributors, because first of all it has a unique capless design, the swinging metal clip is always there to protect the usb socket, and again, the metal clip is perfect for branding, it has a big imprint area on both sides and your logo can be printed by screen printing(if logo has less than 4 colors), or full color printing(for CMYK logo), also would look great with logo laser engraved. The plastic casings are available in any color matching the pantone. Last but not least, this is also one of the most low price models, so if your promotional event is on budget, this model could be your best choice.

2) Wristband USB drive / USB Bracelet


This USB bracelet is made of high quality silicone material, soft and lightweight, comfortable for wearing, same as the swivel usb drive above, we can customize the colors, we customers can name just any color they like and we will do it.  This usb drive is popular especially in schools. It is also available with “glow in the dark” option.

3) Card shaped USB flash drive / USB card


This model has some advantages that the other model don’t have : (a) it’s in a standard bank card/credit card size and easily put into your wallet; (b) it has the biggest imprint area, both sides can be fully printed, so if you have a complex cmyk logo, or even if you want to print some advertising information, there’s plenty of space on this.

Of course, as I said these are just a few of our best selling styles, we do offer a lot of other styles, check out our website or contact us directly for more information or suggestions.

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